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About EAPC

The East Africa Press Councils (EAPC) is a registered body bringing together media regulatory and development organizations from the East African region embracing the spirit and aspirations of the East African community.

Among other things, EAPC aims to promote and protect free, independent, professional and accountable media in East Africa as well as promote media pluralism and diversity.

The association’s responsibility is to strengthen and promote the institution of independent media regulatory bodies in East Africa, to create awareness and promote the concept of self-regulation through Press/Media Councils as a viable option of holding the media accountable in the region.

EAPC also creates a forum through which media regulatory bodies in the region share experiences and exchange information on emerging issues in media regulation and undertake all activities as may be determined from time to time key among them being media freedom and advocacy, media sustainability, journalism excellence and professionalism, media advisory and media research.


Promoting regional media pluralism, diversity, independence and professionalism


To strengthen regional media integration through sustainable approaches, strategic coherence, competitive advantage while leveraging on strategic partnerships

Core Values

Our core values are an embodiment  of our unified commitment and help us create a sustainable culture, revitalize our strategic direction and create a sense of purpose and cohesion. Our core values is our allegiance to the EAPC ideals.

Our value system that is hinged on:


EAPC recognizes the value entrenched in a professional system. It allows us to fulfill our role to the best of our ability and helps us inspire confidence in our stakeholders. Our professionalism therefore solidifies our deep sense of satisfaction and self-worth


EAPC adheres to high moral principles/standards. We are straightforward and aspire to do what is good and right, always


We are answerable to our stakeholders, fostering trust and mutual respect. We take ownership, proactively and innovatively find solutions.

Unity in diversity

EAPC recognizes and appreciates each other's differences to not only create an environment that is inclusive to everyone, but as one of the best ways to think creatively and generate ideas for a sustainable media environment. Diversity allows us to recognize our differences as a good thing.


This is our commitment to effective service delivery. We strive to always excel in every aspect of our work and consistently approach every situation through strategic thinking and a determination to succeed. EAPC is always refreshing and going beyond the ordinary


We work collaboratively to achieve our common aspirations. We take advantage of each other’s unique strengths to achieve results that exceed the cumulative results they each could have individually accomplished.


We get pleasure from working together to fulfil our stakeholder’s diverse and ever-changing needs, while building mutually rewarding relationships.


EAPC recognizes the value innovation plays in progressive industries. It is on this basis that we aspire to continuously innovate for a transformative media sector in the region and operate through defined sustainable approaches. Our innovative spirit radiates across our strategic thinking-it is part of how we deliver our mandate.

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