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Strategic integration pillars


Media Freedom and Advocacy

EAPC acknowledges the fundamental rights of journalists and media houses. It denotes that promoting good journalism and strengthening freedom of the press in East Africa can not be accomplished in vacuum. Progress is made through combined efforts and sharing of country specific challenges and strengths. We therefore work to strengthen this fundamental right through various approaches. We work with non-governmental organizations to help develop media advocacy skills and to better understand how to work with the media and 'package' information for journalists strengthening the role of civil society in the country or region concerned.


Media Sustainability

Media sustainability is how we ensure there is a media industry that supports our media integration agenda in the region. We collectively work to assist media houses and journalists to re-engineer business processes that support revenue generation for media and professional sustenance. At the core of our approaches is diversity in media business models, monetization of digital content and implementation of operational best practices.


Journalism Excellence and Professionalism

We work with journalists and media houses through intensive training, mentorship and personal development. We therefore help create a pool of journalists with requisite journalistic skills necessary to uphold public interest. Through this pillar, we ensure regional media development is achieved and we work to demonstrate the value and power of balanced, fair and responsible journalism accountable to the public.


Media Advisory

We advise governments, non-governmental actors and media on the role of regulators to help ensure balance between freedom of expression and legislation. We also work to advise relevant academic institutions on training for journalists and media students.


Media Research

We analyze media trends in the region and therefore provide relevant regional media statistics for informed decision making and strategic development by the partners.

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